Social Media Marketing (SMM)

A comprehensive Social Media Marketing strategy is important to market your online assets. We offer a complete pacakage including:


Development of an ongoing campaigin based on competitor research, reputation management and carefully positoned tactics and targeted engagement.

Site Registration and Setup 

Registration of account with a branded avatar, company bio, tagline and URL on sites including – Blogger, Digg, Google, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Gowalla, Linkedin, Slideshare, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Wordpress, Yelp.

Custom Site Creative

Each social media site is a digital assest and a brand extension.  We offer customization of these sites to support brand continuity and engagement across the web with the addition of custom messaging. 

Multiple Site Integration

Social Media Marketing is about sharing content in multiple places throughout the web to reach the target demographic and to increase engagement. Using our tools and expertise we integrate as many sites as possible to increase reach and to also enhance organic search. We add backlinks throughout our campaign to microsites, landing pages, social media sites, blogs, the client’s website and email marketing newsletters.

Live Content posts and Calendarized postings

Using our tools we manage content in real-time and into the future to support trade shows, product launches events and RSS updates from blogs and other feeds.  

Content Development

We'll develop releveant industry content and post it to your accounts – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger, WordPress


Benchmarking is the key to online marking. Our measurement reports are developed using various industry tools and are customized per client work order and scope. Reports include link click-throughs, referring sites, engagement and individual message statistics.


We demonstrate the value Social Media brings to our client’s business and then offer training on the various sites and dashboards we use should they decide to manage their campaigns. Typical  training includes workshops where products are used and practiced through demonstrations and trial until the client is familiar and comfortable with the applications.

Custom Facebook Pages

Customizing a Facebook fan page is a great way to enhace engagement and lead generation.  In addition to creating custom header images and logos we can implement standard applications like Notes, Reviews, Discussion Boards, RSS integration and custom applications like a Welcome Tab, Coupons, Polls and Sign-up Forms.


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